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Are Wind Mitigation Re-Inspections Costing You and Your Business ?

Are you tired of wind mitigation re-inspections? Are wind mitigation re-inspections strangling your resources and costing you time, energy and disrupting you from your core business? Are you ready for an alternative approach to minimize the disruption re-inspections are costing you and your clients?

There is no question, that the cost of wind mitigation re-inspections is enormous for all concerned. They are stressful, inconvenient and disruptive to all including insurance carriers! Some agencies have had to hire staff, consume valuable time re-underwriting insurance policies and dealing with inspections and confused policyholders with no end in sight.

Most believe that there is no way to ever eliminate the requirement of these insurance carrier inspections, and while this is partially true based on the policy wording and statutes, it is not completely.

In truth, insurance carriers do not want to conduct re-inspections. Their costs to administrator such programs are enormous too. They have to hire additional staff, update IT infrastructure, mail letters, deal with increased phone calls, etc. all of which results in the same problems mentioned above. Add on stress, disruption, staffing and more. Insurance carriers want to underwrite their risk based on good data. They want to have confidence on their risk based on accurate data. This is where your alternative begins.

Inspection Depot provides third party QA on every inspection report completed, prior to release, to prevent the likelihood of errors and subsequent re-inspections, through its network of licensed and credentialed inspectors across the state. Here is what we offer to our agencies:

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