Multi-Platform Solutions

Coming 2021 – Paperless 2 – Host to Many Updates and Integrations

All inspections and assignments are processed through Inspection Depot’s proprietary web and mobile based platform. This platform was developed to automate all process and workflows, including credentialing, tracking, assignment flow, QA, and standardized reporting across the board for the inspection and claims industries. Inspection Depot will work with you to customize the integration of your claims processes, underwriting management, or construction build process to ensure the most efficient and effective exchange of data that matches your needs. Efficient and effective data exchange services will ensure the effective flow of data in a timely fashion and enhance the value of services provided for all concerned. Inspection Depot also offers client access to all our IT infrastructure to further facilitate the implementation of our services. This platform can also be utilized by all our clients either as a standalone, or completely integrated.

Production Tracking

Inspection Depot’s proprietary application allows for all programs to be tracked accurately in real-time, with features such as role-based login, cycle time compliance notification, resource compliance tracking/notifications, and more. Our role-based login allows access and permissions based on user role, to ensure all levels of staff are allowed sufficient access for their needs, including specific reporting based on the needs of their role. Users are able to see historical data and production averages based on their production, or the production of those in their team. Every step of each assignment completed by Inspection Depot is tracked to ensure compliance from scheduling, inspection date, and QA time, while providing automated notification of any non-compliance to relevant staff. This ensures we can actively identify and correct any non-compliant behavior. We have modeled all aspects of our application utilizing the combines knowledge of our management teams’ years of direct involvement in the insurance, construction, and building inspection and consultant services.

Real-Time Reporting

All vendor staff of Inspection Depot are actively tracked from credentialing to production compliance within the same application. We are able to allocate and track resources based on their program, and know immediately of any non-compliance, whether from an expired license to delays in reporting deliverable. Our application ensures that all resources and programs are maintained at the highest level of accuracy and timeliness. Inspection Depot’s application not only allows the user to see real-time status updates through their login, but also allows our inspectors to input their data direct from the field. This real time reporting method allows for timely and accurate reporting from the field.

Native Windows Applications

Paperless Building Inspector

Join the ranks of successful home inspectors across the country who’ve turned to our fully-automated home and commercial inspection software system to simplify their inspection reporting.

Here are some of the features available to inspectors utilizing the system

  • Commercial and Residential Reporting
  • Fully Integrated Feedback and 5 Star Review Process
  • Full Integration with Paperless Inspectors Web Application
  • Automated Report Delivery
  • 3000 Comments and Descriptions
  • 3000+ Full Color Integrated Illustrations
  • Automated Inspection Agreements / Work Authorizations
  • File Management and Tracking
  • Invoice Tracking and Management
  • Integrations with Quickbooks, Merchant Services, etc., Available
  • Field Inspector Tracking and Payroll
  • Automated QA Oversight and Tracking
  • Multi-Inspector Management
  • Credentialing Management
Download a free 6 month trial of Paperless Building Inspector
* Online Version Coming Fall 2020 *

Cutting Edge AppStore Packages

Paperless Inspectors™

The Paperless Inspectors app is an easy to use data collection app for creating standard and custom data collection requirements and deliverables. Download the industry form you need and start working. Add and edit photographs with ease and email final reports direct to clients or to QA direct from system. Track geo-locations of your field resources as part of the process in addition to time, signature, and much more. Forms will create custom PDF deliverables and will pass through third party or your QA processes depending on your requirements. Many standard forms for various industries are available online to download, all with custom ability to add, edit or update.
Inspection Depot utilizes this feature for all of its clients, and creates custom inspection deliverables to meet their needs. Once completed and public, reports are available in the iOS application as well as the web platform.
If you would like a custom form created for you, please use our contact form to let us know your requirements. We can create any form style in addition to appearance specification to meet your needs. Once complete, all will be available to your network of approved inspectors both online and via the IOS application.

ID Energy Home Energy Score

A New Way to Score. I.D. Energy presents the first Scoring Tool app for U.S. Department Home Energy Score Certified Assessors. Integrated Assessor Calculator: Don’t slow down your process by calculating R-Values, Efficiencies, or areas. These calculations are streamlined directly into the scoring tool! Instant Report Generation: Submit and generate your U.S. Department of Energy Home Energy Score report on-site as soon as you are completed with the assessment. Manage your Scores from one place: Email Reports to Clients and edit existing reports as corrected, final, or alternative without entering data twice. Rapid Fire Photo Capture: Easily capture photos, caption, and edit directly to your report to comply with I.D. Energy’s Award Winning Quality Assurance programs. App is compliant for all Home Energy Score Partners and Programs. Including: Portland (PDX) Home Energy Score Home Performance with Energy Star Denver Home Energy Score Free Access and app usage available for all training or Certified Assessors in I.D. Energy’s Virtual Mentorship or DTQA programs.

Virtual Inspector™ COVID Response Support

Are you struggling with getting access to properties? Virtual Inspector was developed in conjunction with our platform system to enable data points to be collected by the policyholder / client while at the same time being assisted by a qualified virtual inspection professional. The Virtual Inspector system allows easy photograph and video uploads, data input and syncs directly into the file management structure assigned to the approved virtual inspector. Whether it is an insuraunce scope, disaster situation, or bank draw, our Virtual Inspector iOS application can ensure data keeps moving through these different times.

Universal Android Apps

Paperless Inspectors Agent Track

Paperless Inspectors Agent Track is designed for inspection companies to track and manage the activities of outside sales and staff. This sales and marketing tool allows users to create sales routes based on top producers/locations, while also enabling and recording sales activities. This tool works in conjunction with our online agent track and routing systme. Checking into and out of offices, Facebook updates, dropping flyers, doing presentations, face to face meetings, photographs, leaving promo items, etc. are all registered on the application before check out, which in turn are synced to the main inspection management application, Real time feeds and management reports, company stats on each agent and agency, date of last inspection, favorite inspectors, and more, are all part of the intelligence that allows sales and marketing teams to manage and build the relationships strategically and successfully. All input from outside sales activities are readily available on the paperless application during the sales and inspection order process.

Secure Access

Our Promise

Inspection Depot has established itself as a leader in the modern landscape of client-data security. We cut no corners when it comes to securing the data of our clients, their clients, and the customers they serve.
Inspection Depot provides continuing oversight through its IT services to ensure all applications incorporate the required level of IT security to meet our clients needs.
As part of our client on-boarding, Inspection Depot will review our clients information security policies, including business continuity and disaster preparedeness plan, access controls, information security and incident management policy, third part risk management plan, etc.

Permission-Based User Accounts

We have created a system that permits each account to have permissions based on the roles assigned to them by their administrator. Unique identifiers for all user are logged with each action and are available for audit at any time.

Account Expiration

Accounts that haven’t been accessed after a certain number of days will be disabled. We also follow industry-standard guidelines for password security, re-using passwords, and password expiration periods.

Inspection Depot provides API services to all clients we work with. Our goal is to reduce the costs of assignment handling and reviews, by automating all aspects of our data services before and after delivery.

As part of this process, Inspection Depot can automate data integration services for assignment management, red flag identifications and real time communications for all clients we work with. We also offer various options for report delivery, data return, and much more.

If integration is not required, Inspection Depot provides real time secure access to all files under our management through our secure log in services.

If you are interested in hearing more about our API and other similar services please click here or call our office, 1-888-589-221.

If you are interested in custom program development, please call our office at 1-888-589-2112 or click here and let us know what you are looking for.

If you already have developed an RFP, RFI, or scope of services, you can also email this to

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