Four Point Inspections and Roof Survey Inspection Training

All insurance carriers require inspections of their policies when the insured’s premises are greater than a certain age, typically ranging from 25 years and older. Insurance agents and carriers want accurate data, and as such Inspection Depot has developed their training program around the experiences of thousands of inspections to combine both the roof condition surveys with 4 point inspections, whereby inspectors will be taught the requirements of both inspections in one program.

Inspectors will learn how to analyze electrical systems, plumbing systems, roofing systems, and HVAC systems and reporting to ensure the protection of the policyholder and insurance carriers is maximized. This program will also review the typical underwriting guidelines such as those of Citizens Property Insurance, covering all aspects of building services and updates, roof verification forms, etc. Most importantly inspectors will be able to complete the roof survey inspection and a 4 point inspection.

Sinkhole Inspection Training

Florida homeowners and insurance carriers have been inundated with sinkhole issues and claims in recent years, many of which have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to analyze and remediate. In 2011 the Florida legislature passed legislation regarding sinkholes and subsequent losses. As such many insurance carriers are now requiring sinkhole inspections across the board, and looking for qualified inspectors with experience to complete these inspections.

Inspection Depot has developed a sinkhole inspection training program, inspection process and procedure specifically for this task. The training program consists of a full day, of both technical training and report writing basics, to ensure the liability of the inspector, the policyholder and the carrier are protected.

Residential Wind Mitigation

This course contains 8 hours of classroom training covering wind mitigation techniques and inspection criteria for residential structures. At the end of this course you will have a better understanding of the mitigation inspection requirements, in addition to the rules relating to the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection form(OIR B1-1802) and the completion of a thorough home inspection.

Commercial Mitigation and Replacement Cost Training

This program reviews the mitigation requirements of Type I, II and III buildings in addition to the replacement cost calculation requirements from an insurance replacement perspective.

Students are advised to complete the wind mitigation training program for residential structures listed below, as many references are made to this training manual during the course of the program.

Replacement cost calculations will cover a review of how to calculate the replacement cost of commercial buildings with particular focus on commercial residential and high rise dwellings.

The Fundamentals of Property Adjusting

This is a 2 day entry level course designed to “jump-start” your career with the basic knowledge needed to become an insurance property adjuster (state adjuster license or experience is not required).

Introduction to Insurance

A basic understanding of insurance, types of insurance contracts, insurance concepts and terminology. A general overview of the different types of Insurance Policies: Casualty/Liability; Homeowners/Dwelling; Commercial; Business owners; Inland & Ocean Marine; Boiler & Machinery; Workers Compensation.

Construction Basics

An overview of Construction Components & Systems: Foundations; Structure; Roofs; Exterior; Walls/Ceilings; Doors/Windows; Flooring; Plumbing; Electrical; Mechanical; Kitchens & Bathrooms

Tools of the Trade

Required & suggested tools and equipment for working as an adjuster; Be Prepared with Catastrophe Deployment Check Lists

Ladder Safety

A short course on ladder types, choices, inspection, setup, safety during use, moving & transportation, storage, roof safety, double pulls, and a Ladder Safety Quiz.

Mathematics Refresher

A review of the basic math skills adjusters need in the estimating process including: simple geometry and elementary algebra.

Property Inspection/Damage Assessment (Scoping the Loss)

How to properly inspect and assess property damages including: correct measurements, carrier required documentations, taking samples and necessary photographs.

The Claims Adjustment Process

Understanding the job of an adjuster; what to expect & what’s required; task assignments & cradle to grave; daily claims adjusting and catastrophic events

Intro to Xactimate

A brief overview of the most widely used estimating software in the insurance industry.

Licensing Requirements & Procedures

What to do next and how to get your Florida All Lines Insurance Adjusters License.

Basic / Intermediate Xactimate Training

In this 3 day course students will learn skills needed to create accurate estimates using a variety of Xactimate 28 tools. Students will be taught the most efficient ways to set up, sketch, scope, and deliver quality estimates in preparation for Xactimate Level 1 and 2 certification exams.

  • General Administration of Xactimate 28 including: setup of claim information, adding new projects, and basic program navigation
  • The 4-step process to create a variety of small and medium property loss estimates, including water, wind, hail, and fire
  • How to create a variety of different building diagrams within Sketch, including: Small/Medium interiors and exteriors, roofs, and more
  • Use a variety of searching techniques used to find the correct line items and utilize Xactware pricing data
  • Become familiar with the Labor Cost Model, including Labor Minimums
  • Add annotations and images to provide additional clarity and detail
  • Personalize and print a variety of professional estimate and claim reports

Advanced Xactimate Training

Students in this 2 day course will build on their knowledge of Sketch, learning to create more complex diagrams (interiors, exteriors, and roofs) and estimate within Sketch. Students will be taught advanced variable usage, shortcuts, and other best practices. The course also focuses on a variety of estimating methods that will increase overall efficiency in preparation for Xactimate Level 3 certification exam.

  • Configure XactAnalysis settings and utilize the XactAnalysis Communications pane
  • Merge products and demonstrate an understanding of the various merge settings
  • Customize the pricing database and demonstrate an understanding of the component makeup of the unit price
  • Expand understanding of the Labor Cost Model, including Labor Minimums
  • Use a variety of new Xactimate 28 features including: the staircase tool, enhanced roof sketching, enhanced estimate Items, 3D estimation, arced walls, and much more
  • Estimate graphically in Sketch and use the Item List feature to add and modify items in multiple rooms
  • Utilize new variables, functions and formulas to create complex estimate calculations
  • Apply line item tags and item scenarios to customize an estimate and its reports
  • Add custom documents to an estimate and merge multiple reports together
  • Create custom documents using Xactimate tokens in MS Word/Excel and the Report Editor
  • Increase understanding and functionality of estimate report types

Home Inspector WDO Training

As Home and Building inspectors you and your company provide “Peace of Mind” to home buyers and real estate professionals day in and out. But how do you and your company present a higher value when stacked side by side with your local competition? How can you increase your revenue and earnings without increasing your inspections? And how can you do all this while building real estate relationships and client value?

Get licensed to perform WDO Inspections as a part of your Home Inspection company!

In today’s market a buyer NEEDS a One-Stop-Shop with an inspector when purchasing a home. We all know the complicated and in depth process buying a home is… you can be the Solution for both real estate professionals and clients to make the process easy and secure for all!

Learn all about Florida WDO inspections:

  • Insect identification
  • Damage & evidence identification
  • Proper report writing
  • Conducive conditions & common damages

Intro to Drones

This 2-day Intro to Drones education course will fully equip you with the knowledge needed to obtain a Part 107 certificate to fly small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS/drones) for commercial purposes. Don’t risk being fined by the FAA by flying your drone without your Part 107 certificate. Upon completion of this course, you will know all of the laws and regulations set by the FAA. You will be prepped with the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to fly a drone safely in accordance with the FAA.

This course is currently approved for 8 hours of CE credit for Home Inspectors, but benefits all license types in the insurance, real estate, or building professional industries.